Fall 2009 Update

My intention is to have a centralized location (through my website) to post relevant updates about research, teaching, and other news. I’ve chosen a blog because it seemed like the easiest way to integrate updated content into this website. While a Twitter feed might be easier (and may be included in the future), this should work fine for now. If you came to this blog through WordPress, click this link to redirect to my website.

In the spring I presented a talk on HBO and PBS at the Sixth Annual Visual Cultures Symposium at George Mason University. You can view the program for the symposium here. This summer involved a trip to Tokyo, a research trip to Los Angeles to the UCLA Film and Television Archive, and a number of months spent in Ann Arbor. As for the fall semester, I am currently preparing for my exams and will be giving two presentations at the NCA conference in Chicago this November. One talk will be dissertation-related and the other will be based on a seminar paper I wrote about the Invisible Children documentary.