Summer 2014 Update

Quite a lot has happened in the past two years, so I suppose it’s time for a blog update. Most importantly, Nancy and I bought a house, and we adopted a beagle puppy named Busby. We love them both very much, and they’ve added quite a bit of adventure to our lives. We’ve spent a large portion of our time remodeling the house and taking Busby to the nearby forest preserve to run around and chase squirrels.


Busby T. Beagle
Busby T. Beagle


On the teaching front, I’ve really settled in at Northeastern Illinois University. I just wrapped up year three, and things are going really well. I can’t say enough good things about the department and the university. The students and colleagues have just been wonderful, and I feel very lucky to be there.


CMT Faculty at Graduation
CMT Faculty at Graduation


On the research front, it’s been an eventful year. My article, “Subscribing to Governmental Rationality: HBO and the AIDS Epidemic” was published in Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, and I was invited to translate the article for NCA’s Communication Currents. The piece is titled “HBO and the Story of HIV/AIDS,” and it was an interesting experience to edit the article down to the core elements and write it in a way that was meant for a wider audience. Finally, my book chapter titled “Public Service Entertainment: HBO’s Interventions in Politics and Culture” was published in Media Interventions (Peter Lang, 2013) edited by Kevin Howley.

Later this summer I am teaching two classes (Mediated Communication and Gender & Media) and also working on a grant-funded research project with two graduate students in my department. Until then, I plan to enjoy the month of June by catching up on Breaking Bad and reading issues of Wired magazine that have been stacking up for the past year.

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