Summer 2012 Update

It has been one year since I last updated this blog, and quite a lot has happened in that time. Nancy and I moved to Chicago’s Albany Park neighborhood, and we spent the summer of 2011 geting acquainted with the area and watching a lot of The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show. We found some fantastic restaurants that have become regular favorites: Merla’s Kitchen, Tre Kronor, Beijo De Chocolat, Dawali Mediterranean Kitchen, and Noodles Party. If we’ve learned anything about this area of Chicago, it’s that Albany Park has amazing food.

After a very pleasant summer, I began my first year as an assistant professor at Northeastern Illinois University in the Communication, Media, & Theatre department. This year I taught several undergraduate courses: The Art of Film and Video, Mass Media and Society, Contemporary Issues in Mass Media, and Gender and Media. I also developed and taught a new graduate course titled Studies in New Media. I really can’t say enough wonderful things about the students, my department, and the university. It’s a fantastic place full of amazing people.

CMT Faculty at the May Graduation

On the research front, I just completed the final revisions on a book chapter due to be published in the upcoming months, and I am currently working on an article to be submitted by the end of the summer. I also presented several papers this year:

  • “HBO’s Cultural and Public Service Programming in the 1980s” (SCMS Boston 03/24/2012)
  • “Rethinking Ownership and Accessibility in The Age of Digital Reproduction” (NCA New Orleans 12/20/2011)
  • “When Public Television Goes Private: Early AIDS Documentaries on PBS and HBO” (NEIU Symposium 12/04/2011)
  • “Social Media: Logics of Gaming/Logics of Markets” (NEIU Symposium 10/27/2011)

The upcoming year looks to be equally interesting on a number of fronts. More news coming soon!

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