Summer 2010 Update

It’s been an eventful summer! I got married in June, spent time in Prince Edward Island for the honeymoon, and then Nancy and I spent the rest of the summer in Raleigh. I taught a section of Electronic Media Writing in the second half of the summer. This was another great group of students, and it was interesting to compress the course to a five-week summer session.  I will be teaching Gender, Sexuality, & Media in the fall. Foucault, Butler, Lady Gaga, Mad Men… it’s a recipe for a good class. I’ll have the syllabus posted on the website soon.

In other news, I wrote a piece for a special edition of FlowTV titled “Beyond Netflix and TiVo: Rethinking HBO Through the Archive” and will also be involved in a roundtable discussion titled “It’s Not History. It’s HBO” at the 2010 Flow Conference in Austin. The dissertation is coming along well, and I’m looking forward to having a full draft by November so that I can be on track to defend early in the spring.

Oh, and now that I have an iPhone 4, I don’t really want an iPad as much.

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